meet emily

Hi! I’m Emily – wedding photographer for the joyous couple who adores all things southern, has an appreciation for all the details included in their big day and loves creating new traditions but cherishes the old ones! To me, wedding photography is more than just delivering beautiful photos, it’s about creating an experience that can never be forgotten and heirlooms to be cherished for generations to come. I’ve loved photographs for as long as I can remember! Growing up, my room was filled with photographs of my family, my friends and my precious childhood cat. That didn’t change when I went away to college. I was the friend who always had the camera. I’ll never forget my pink, point and shoot camera that made it through 3 years of sorority events! I loved that thing and I still cherish all of the memories that it captured. 

I believe in love at first sight and love stories that seem too good to be true. You know, the ones straight out of a Disney movie or Nicholas Sparks book. 

southern girl, dog lover, and beach addict

I’ve always been inspired by love stories, and as a wedding photographer, I get the opportunity to document those stories in the most beautiful way! 

When I’m not behind the lens, you will find me exploring new places with my fiancé and sweet pup, Tyson (we love camping trips with beautiful views), planning our 2020 Charleston wedding (YAY), decorating our adorable little home (sometimes I just wish I was Joanna Gaines, or I had immediate access to the Magnolia Market), or shopping because I’m a firm believer of you can never have enough clothes! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I can’t wait to meet you!

a few of my faves

the beach

Specifically Ocracoke Island, NC. I discovered this charming little island a few years ago and absolutely fell in love. There you’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax. You’ll see the most beautiful sunrises and you’ll find buckets of perfect shells along the shore.

We just celebrated this sweet guy’s 13th birthday with a Paw-ty! My family got him when he was just 8 weeks old and he decided I was his favorite, so he got to come to DC with me! He’s definitely a lab - loves to play fetch, go swimming and belly rubs!


 Give me all the sweet tea! Growing up, dinner was always served with a glass of sweet tea (no lemon, please) so it reminds me of home.

sweet tea

My parents would decorate our entire house (literally every room) for Christmas each year. It was like living in the North Pole and I absolutely loved it! Christmas plaid everywhere, tacky sweaters, Christmas Carols, decorating sugar cookies, trimming the tree, all the twinkling lights, everything. I absolutely love Christmas!


I’ve always been a sucker for navy and white, so when I discovered these beauties, I fell in love. You can find all shapes and sizes scattered throughout our home.

ginger jars

Couples trust me to tell their love story
and I don't take that lightly.


why is photography so important?

when a photograph is taken, it’s like time stops

My parents were recently in the path of a hurricane that was predicted to hit them straight on. This meant I would have likely lost my childhood home due to flooding and high winds. A few nights before the storm was supposed to hit, my parents called me and asked if there was anything specific I wanted them to take with them as they evacuated. I immediately responded with “All of the photos!”.

  Photographs have always had such a special place in my heart. When a photograph is taken, it’s like time stops. Even years later, photographs have the power of taking you right back to that moment. They also allow you to remember specific moments with loved ones who you've lost. I took the last photograph of my Grandma, who I loved so very much, just weeks before she passed. Now, that exact photograph sits on my night stand, and is found in each one of my immediate family member’s homes.

Capturing those special moments is why I love the gift of being a wedding photographer. Couples trust me to tell their love story and I don't take that lightly.

I believe everything should be monogramed

I believe in marrying your best friend

 I believe in salty air and sandy toes

 I believe you can never have too many fresh cut flowers around the house

 I believe family is everything

 I believe in old traditions as well as creating new ones

i believe

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